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Key benefits of establishing a trading business in Uruguay

Uruguay’s GDP grew by 2.7% in 2017. This has brought the country’s positive growth streak to an unprecedented 15 years. While neighboring countries like Brazil or Argentina are seeing fluctuations in their GDP, Uruguay remains a force of stability. Uruguay is now one of the most attractive Latin American jurisdictions for the establishment of companies. Uruguay allows 100% foreign ownership of local companies, and companies can be formed with only one shareholder. Uruguay is well-connected…

Doing Business in Latin America: Common Cultural Stumbling Blocks

Latin America expert Marcelo Baudino outlines the four most common cultural stumbling blocks doing business in LatAm. TCO International Director David Trickey sat down with Latin America expert Marcelo Baudino (Director of Iceberg Cultural Intelligence) to talk about Latin America: it’s scope, it’s surprising diversity, and what it takes to be successful working in the region. Iceberg is the leading Latin American consulting firm in the development of cross-cultural competencies and in the strategic…

4 Major Myths about the Latin American market

At Americas Market Intelligence, our mission is to demystify Latin America for our clients, some of the largest strategic investors in the region. Over the course of 2,000+ client engagements since 1993, a handful of market myths are consistently and erroneously voiced by investors, so we thought we’d nip them in the bud once and for all. MYTH #1: ONLY A FRACTION OF THE MARKET CAN AFFORD MY PRODUCT OR SERVICE Latin America is a middle-income market, with a GDP per capita average over $10,000 USD. In contrast…
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