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You can’t afford to buy a farm in South America ? Maybe these are another options

  Farmlands in Brazil and Argentina are some of the most fertile, productive and sought after in the world, but investors looking at the continent should be cautious. Brazil and Argentina currently have laws that place certain limits on the foreign ownership (individuals and corporations) of farmland. Other farms in South America countries like Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay are much more foreign business friendly. But Chile (very mountainous) and Uruguay (small country) offer comparatively fewer farmland…

Argentine Distressed Farm Syndication Opportunity

We are currently investigating the appetite for smaller investors to have an exposure to Argentine Distressed Farm Syndication that will specialize in Distressed Farm Properties for sale in Argentina and Uruguay. These will be direct farm purchases. With the downturn in International commodity prices many owners are now under extreme stress and risk of bankruptcy. This fund will on the one hand give them a way out with an added opportunity to invest in it themselves and on the other hand give smaller…
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