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A Guide to Dairy Investment in Latin America

A Guide to Dairy Investment in Latin America With an average growth rate of 5% a year, South American dairy production appears to be a strong market for investment, despite a certain degree of price and political instability. According to a Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report, rising incomes and firm regional and international demand have favored dairy production growth in Latin America and the Caribbean. South American milk production expanded by over 5% in 2011 and a similar rate of increase was…

Incredibly high’ NZ land prices divert dairy farm investors to Chile

The “incredibly high” bubble prices of New Zealand dairy farms have prompted a number of savvy farm investors to switch some of their new investments to Chile where the dairy sector offers “the best risk-adjusted returns in global agriculture”. The current market is  supported from strong growth in Asian consumption. “[This] might lead to a potential demand overhang for dairy products of as much as 5 billion litres by 2020,” said Detlef Schoen, head of farm investments…
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