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The use of cryptocurrencies prove a lifeline in Argentina’s chaotic economy

bitcoins and u s dollar bills
Workers are increasingly getting paid in cryptocurrency to circumvent exchange controls and to protect them from currency swings and 50 percent inflation. Sports stadiums, buses and highway billboards across Argentina are plastered with adverts for cryptocurrency exchanges, as the nation’s economic instability fuels one of the world’s biggest booms in digital money.  TV and radio hosts talk about investment options in digital coins, and a crypto exchange is currently one of the sponsors of the nation’s…

Panama Touts Bitcoin and Ethereum in New Crypto Law

Central America’s bitcoin adoption is on the rise, with Panama the latest country to flock toward cryptocurrencies. The development has unfolded on the very same day that El Salvador officially accepts bitcoin as legal tender. Now the Republic of Panama is moving in the same direction but is putting its own personal touch on the roll-out by also embracing Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies as well. Panama has unveiled a cryptocurrency law in draft form, as announced by Congressman Gabriel…

Cryptocurrency is not necessarily the future

The more utopian scenarios for crypto, whether proponents realise it or not, rely on the notion that crypto remains simultaneously fringe and mainstream. As bitcoin soared above $US28,000 over the weekend, talk resumed about the promising and dramatic future of cryptocurrency. The chief global strategist of Morgan Stanley Investment Management even suggested that bitcoin could replace the US dollar as a global reserve currency. Cryptocurrency serves some useful purposes. But there are some pretty wild speculations…
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