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Buenos Aires: The Ultimate City Break

 A city where the past and present collide in a pleasingly effervescent mixture, where the unmistakeable face of Eva Perón still adorns many of the buildings alongside that of her present day equivalent Christina Fernández de Kirchner. A place where one can explore streets lined with ancient colonial bistros that blend with McDonald’s and Starbucks coffee houses and where the memory of past revolution lingers in the air. Buenos Aires by Day No trip to Buenos Aires would be complete…

Can Argentinas decrease in growth rate actually help the economy?

The World Economic Outlooks report forecast figures for Latin American growth rate were brought down by the IMF on Tuesday to 2.7%. The Chief Economist for the World Bank’s Latin America and Caribbean Office, Augusto de la Torre said that Argentina is above Latin America and Caribbean countries average in terms of growth this year with a combined estimate of 2.5% for the region. Cristina Kirchners administration optimistically forecast 6.2% for this year. However according to the 2014 Budget both institutions…

Parallels between New Zealands Turbulent Past and Argentina’s Recent History

Parallels between New Zealands Turbulent Past and Argentina’s Recent History This interesting article was written by one of New Zealand most well known Investment Advisor’s four years ago. It explains very well how far New Zealand has come from these dark days of socialist nonsense and open corruption to the competitive economy we have in New Zealand today. It was not an easy ride as you can see .  Argentina went through the same restructuring process with the same issues.…
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