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Political Risk Analysis: What’s Next For Argentina?

On October 28, 2019 voters in Argentina elected Alberto Fernandez, a political ally of controversial former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, to replace Mauricio Macri, a business-friendly centrist, in the country’s executive office. The election marks a return to power for Argentina’s left and an uncertain path forward as the country still faces a number of long-term challenges. On December 10 Fernandez will take over as Argentina’s president. Foreign investors are still waiting to see the…

Argentine bonds buoyed by political hopes of Change

Argentine bonds buoyed by political hopes of Change It is sometimes said that the world has four types of economy: developed, developing, Japan’s and Argentina’s — because of a seeming South American economic exceptionalism becoming apparent again. China’s economy is slowing. Investors have dumped emerging-market assets. In Latin America, presidential approval ratings have collapsed amid the downturn. Yet Argentine bonds have returned 6 per cent since the start of August, while approval ratings for…
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