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Macri cruelly bashed in the Primary elections​ as Argentines back a return to the past

The preliminary results from voting at the weekend suggest the conservative Macri will face an uphill battle going into general elections in October, marking a sharp turnaround from just under four years ago when the country’s left-leaning era appeared to be coming to a definitive end. With 88 per cent of polling stations tallied on Monday, official results gave the presidential slate headed by Alberto Fernandez and his vice-presidential running mate, Cristina Fernandez, about 47 per cent of the votes.…

With Chavez is gone will Brazil be the rightful leader of Latin America ?

Hugo Chavez’s exit from the world stage may take the sting out of an ideological battle that has enveloped in Latin America since a new batch of leftists and Marxist started taking power in South America about 15 years ago to challenge Western Influence. Followers of Chavez say his incredible energy is irreplaceable, but  even before his death the appeal of his boisterous, uncompromising approach to economic and foreign policy had started to fad. The  momentum…
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