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The challenges Chile poses to Chinese investors

Considering the huge potential for FDI flows from China, it is important that the different Chilean and Chinese public and private institutions continue to work together to identify opportunities and challenges, thereby facilitating the arrival of more Chinese investment in Chile.   China is Chile’s foremost trading partner and in recent years Chinese investment in Chile has also become of increasing importance. That said, there are still barriers to further increasing China’s foreign direct investment…

China’s Conquistadors Are Marching Across Latin America

When two elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers. Or so says the old African proverb. But in Latin America, the grass seems to be doing rather well from the ongoing jostling between the US and China. In August El Salvador was the latest in a string of Central American countries to switch diplomatic relations from Taiwan to China. In Panama, US protests managed to prevent the opening of a new Chinese embassy on the mouth of the canal but with 26 diplomatic agreements signed in the last year, it is merely…
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