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China’s Conquistadors Are Marching Across Latin America

When two elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers. Or so says the old African proverb. But in Latin America, the grass seems to be doing rather well from the ongoing jostling between the US and China. In August El Salvador was the latest in a string of Central American countries to switch diplomatic relations from Taiwan to China. In Panama, US protests managed to prevent the opening of a new Chinese embassy on the mouth of the canal but with 26 diplomatic agreements signed in the last year, it is…

Why China is looking to increase agribusiness investment in Latin America

CHINA SPEND ON AUSTRALIAN AGRIBUSINESS HAS TRIPLED IN ONE YEAR China’s investment in Australian agribusiness has tripled in just a year as China strives to meet rising demand for high-quality food among its growing middle class. In 2016, Chinese companies invested $1.2 billion in Australian agribusiness – three times 2015’s investment of $375 million – says a report from financial services provider KPMG and the University of Sydney. The report, Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australia,…

Why the Rio Olympics is not drawing Chinese buyers to Brazil

Even though it seems like Chinese investment levels only go up, Chinese buying does vary by local conditions with the Rio Olympics being a good example. According to Goldman Sachs, the Olympics is a property goldmine that has boosted real estate prices in its host city in the past. Citing Sydney, Los Angeles, and Atlanta as prime examples, the Olympics generally translates into infrastructure development, tourism growth, and a stronger profile for the host city, and this has enticed many intrepid international…
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