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Argentina has become a Chinese Yuan testing ground in trade and investment

Following several currency swaps by which China has helped to support the Argentine central bank depleted international reserves, the administration of president Alberto Fernandez intensified relations with Beijing and a year ago allowed transactions between the two countries to be made in Yuan. The Argentine central bank has not supplied information on such transactions, but analysts believe that most of the bilateral trade which reached US$ 10,2bn in the seven months of this year was done with the Chinese…

The crouching tiger targets Latin America

The Great Wall of China is purportedly the largest cemetery on earth, as it entombs the many millions of forced labourers and prisoners who were pitilessly worked to death during the Wall’s construction. The long line of emperors who kept extending the Wall between the 7th Century BC and1644 AD didn’t give a fig for its incredible cost in human lives as they rigorously suppressed individualism and prioritised geopolitics, national security and dynastic succession above all else, as the Communists who have…

China’s commitment to Latin America to growing as United States retreats

As São Paulo hosts the World Economic Forum on Latin America 2018, it is time to consider China’s important influence on economies and business in the region since the Forum’s last meeting in Brazil, in 2011. With foreign trade worth $4 trillion, China is the world’s most important trading country. Besides the US, it is also the most important trading partner for 100 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Uruguay. During South America’s golden decade from the early 2000s, the region…
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