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The crouching tiger targets Latin America

The Great Wall of China is purportedly the largest cemetery on earth, as it entombs the many millions of forced labourers and prisoners who were pitilessly worked to death during the Wall’s construction. The long line of emperors who kept extending the Wall between the 7th Century BC and1644 AD didn’t give a fig for its incredible cost in human lives as they rigorously suppressed individualism and prioritised geopolitics, national security and dynastic succession above all else, as the Communists…

Argentina attracted 40% of all Chinese investments in the South Americanregion in past 12 months

MercoPress Argentina attracted 40% of all Chinese investments in the region in the last twelve months (June 2010/May 2011) and prospects remain “optimistic” reveals a report from Deloitte. Argentina attracted 15.6 billion US dollars, up 286% over the previous twelve months, which were concentrated mainly in energy and natural resources: 14bn USD equivalent to 71% of the total amount. In the last twelve months eight major operations involving Chinese investments in Latin America were reported, mostly…
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