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Water Wars in Chile

The exploitation of aquifers to grow avocados causes scarcity of water in Petorca destabilizing the region The over exploitation of aquifers in the region of Petorca, which is located in the central region of Valparaiso, by the avocado plantations has caused a shortage of water that is affecting the supply of the municipalities of the region. The increase in global demand for avocados in Europe, the United States, and China has caused an increase in tensions between residents of Petorca and large producers…

Water Rights that are affecting Chilean Agriculture

Water rights can be a complicated issue when you’re looking for an agricultural  property for sale or lease in Chile. The most important issue to understand is that you don’t automatically own the water on or under your property. So you could have a river the size of the Rio Plata running through your farm in Chile, but unless you own water rights from that river or canal, you’re not legally entitled to use any of its water. Having said that Chile has one of the largest reserves of water in the world…
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