Chilterra Dairy Farm Syndicate in Chile. Another New Zealand Chilean Success Story or a disaster?

image of Argentina: Los lácteos
A Chilean farmer had given those on the New Zealand Prime Minister’s tour of Latin America an entertaining insight into farming in the country, saying when he first got involved with a New Zealand company, his father warned him, “they will take your land and your wife.” ( some truth in that ) Ricardo Rios is a farmer in Chile and the CEO of Chilterra, a dairy company in Chile that had backing from New Zealand investors. On Sunday, Mr Rios spoke to the Prime Minister’s delegation at a…

Fonterra in Chile comes under the spotlight for alleged monopoly business practices

Protestors at a Fonterra plant in southern Chile may have pulled back, but the truce may be short-lived because demonstrators expect dialogue, something Fonterra New Zealand says isn’t happening. The more than 200 members of the Chilterra ( the company has a large New Zealand Shareholding ) workers’ union and indigenous representatives said they lifted the protest because Soprole had agreed to sit down at the table with them. Soprole is owned by Fonterra, and Chilterra ( this company has gone into…
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