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Chile’s Epic Route of Parks is now open

In recent years, Chile has made huge progress in protecting its incredible natural beauty. Now the culmination of the conservation work has come in the form of the Route of Parks – or Ruta de los Parques – a 2800 km route that connects 17 national parks across the country. The route is an incredible hiking trail running all the way from Puerto Montt to Cape Horn. Three existing scenic routes have been used as part of the trail: the Southern Way, the End of the World Route and…

New Immigration Reform in Chile

In April of this year, President Sebastián Piñera announced a new immigration reform. Piñera asserted that Chile will continue to be a country which welcomes immigrants with open arms. However, Piñera stated that due to a large number of immigrants entering the country recently, Chile needs an immigration reform that addresses the current situation providing adequate mechanisms and procedures which will allow a desirable management of the actual contingency. At the moment Chile counts…

Pacific Alliance means business, not weighed down by yesterdays ideology

The Pacific Alliance proves that there is strength in numbers and we all have a lot to gain from working together. We´ve seen this before, haven’t we? Latin American countries coming together to build a bloc that promises to combat U.S. hegemony and bring about radical change in the continent without really saying how they will achieve it. Then along comes the Pacific Alliance, which instead of focusing on ideology and finger pointing, just wants to get down to business. So what is the Pacific Alliance…
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