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Horticultural Opportunities in Latin America

In Latin America, between forests, high mountains, mountain ranges and deserts, arable farmland is not necessarily abundant, particularly when adding pressure from urban growth and a lack of water in many agricultural regions. The problem of land scarcity lies in its distribution, sustainability, and climate change, which will require better management of irrigation, logistic chains, and food storage, such as applied technology, so that productivity and yields per hectare do not drop. Therefore, it is possible…

Chilean agriculture is expected to become part of the 10 largest food exporters in the world by 2020

Agriculture in Chile is a strategically important sector. The objective is to make Chile part of the 10 largest food exporters in the world by 2020. At the moment Chile is round about No: 20. From the beginning of this century food export increased by an average of 12% annually. Further processing and surplus values are central in the policy. Primary production is only a small part of the gross national product. Because of the closed-in position of the country sanitary provisions are second to none and these…
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