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Chile and Peru have emerged as two of the real powerhouses of the Latin America fruit and vegetable sector

They have seen exports develop significantly to a wide range of international markets around the world. Since the mid-1990s, Chilean exports have boomed in terms of value from around US$1.3 to over US$5.5 billion per annum and Peru has seen its exports grow significantly, in the same period, from under US$200 million to over US$2.4 billion on an annual basis. In more recent years though the growth of Chilean exports has started to slow while those from Peru have continued to increase impressively. The two industries…

A large increase in Chilean D’Agen plum exports to China leads to a market collapse

Chilean exports of the D’Agen plum variety to China have grown significantly during the current season, causing average prices to drop to half the level registered last year. This variety has traditionally been sold in its dried form, but some companies have more recently been exporting it fresh in a bid to fetch higher prices. Rafael Hurtado, general manager of Elicura, said: “The D’Agen plum is a variety that is for the dried fruit market and everything is geared towards that on the farms … [But]…

The Chilean fruit season closes with a new record

Chile exported a total of 2,935 million kilos of fruit in the 2017/2018 fruit season, surpassing the last record of 2,840 million kilos achieved in the 2012/2013 season, reported Fedefruta based on a report released by IQonsulting. According to Gonzalo Salinas from IQonsulting, the 2017/2018 campaign presented particular variations, such as the historical exports of cherries, blueberries, nectarines, and plums. According to the executive of IQonsulting, even though exports were led by apples and table grapes…
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