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Electric buses surging in Latin America, Chile adding to the fleet as it aims for all-electric by 2040

A number of Latin American countries are ramping up their adoption of electric buses this year, with Chile leading the way. The country recently added 200 new electric buses to its fleet, with an expected 500 more to follow next year, as it aims to have a fully electric public transport system by 2040. An update comes from UN Environment, which offers a few more details about the ongoing plans of a number of Latin American nations with regard to electric buses and mobility. Chile currently has the…

Chile drives into the future with largest electric bus fleet in Latin America

President Sebastián Piñera on Thursday unveiled the first 100 electric buses from China that will run on Santiago roads as part of an ambitious plan to revolutionize public transport system in the South American country. The 12-meter-long buses will allow the mobilization of up to 81 people – 30 seated and 51 standing – providing them a silent and pollution-free journey. Other features highlighted by the president is the Wi-Fi and free USB ports on the buses. Piñera each vehicle…

Chasing China: Chile drives Latin America’s electric vehicle revolution

A massive cargo ship docked in the Chilean port of San Antonio at the end of November. It carried it its belly the first 100 electric buses from China that Chileans hope will revolutionise their public transport system. Chile’s ambitious plan to face down its capital Santiago’s notorious smog problem includes the rollout of electric scooters, cars, and taxis, as well as trucks for use in the mining industry. Mineral-rich Chile – which is not only the world’s largest copper producer but…
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