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Chilean dairy farmers threaten to break away from New Zealand owned Fonterra Milk Company

Disgruntled Chilean dairy farmers have threatened to stop supplying Fonterra because they say they are being underpaid for their milk. The dairy giant has a 86 percent ownership stake of processing company Prolesur, but some small farmers in southern Chile who supply it are unhappy with their treatment. New Zealand dairy consultant Mike McBeath, who is chairman of Chilean company Chilterra, said it was looking to combine with about 200 farmers to create a rival co-operative. In the last nine years, the Soprole/Prolesur…


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Global demand for milk will increase by 36% over the next decade Tetra Pak – the world leader in packaging for the dairy industry – reveals in its Dairy Index for 2014 that, largely due to population growth, increased prosperity and increased urbanization in Africa, Asia and Latin America, demand for dairy products will grow, benefiting dairy producing countries and making for a new investment opportunity. To date, Chile is world renowned for large copper mines in the north of the country and…
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