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New Zealand Dairy Farm in Chile milks 26,000 cows per day

The Manuka Board. Manuka S.A. was founded by New Zealand shareholders and started operating in Chile in 2005. The expertise of these farming families has given Manuka a legacy of knowledge, experience, and innovation, as well as a vision for the enormous potential of dairy production in the southern regions of Chile. Manuka a company that milks about 26,000 cows on 22,600ha of which 9,000 hectares is dedicated purely to dairy production. The most extensive of these farms is the Hacienda Coihueco near Osorno,…

Synthetic meats are on their way, but farmers could be left behind

This controversial article was recently published in New Zealand newspapers but could equally, apply to South American dairy and beef producers. ‘Fake’ animal proteins are set to disrupt world markets – and much faster than our agriculture industry is anticipating, argues food strategist Dr Rosie Bosworth. New Zealand’s agricultural sector has been having a rough time of late. If waking up to a center-left government wasn’t enough of a nightmare for most Kiwi farmers, then the…

World’s largest robotic dairy Shed coming to Chile

By the start of this year, Agricola Ancali’s 6,500 cow dairy near Los Ángeles, Chile was home to 64 individual robotic milkers. It was formally announced June 22 in 2016 that Fundo El Risquillo farm owned by Agricola Ancali will become the world’s largest robotic dairy. The dairy currently milks 920 cows with 16 DeLaval VMS robotic milkers. The first eight robots were installed in October 2014, and another eight were installed at the end of March. At the moment, four rotary parlours milk…

New Zealand Dairy farmers head to Chile

image of Argentina: Los lácteos
New Zealand dairy farmers head to Chile: Why ?  To leverage their skills as being amongst the best low-cost dairy farmers in the world. Facing rising property prices and limited opportunity on the Asian side of the Pacific, several New Zealand farmers have invested in Chile or moved here entirely, bringing with them many years’ experience in one of the world’s most productive dairy-farming countries. “Many are recognizing the opportunities that there are in South America and particularly…
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