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Large Chilean blueberry arrivals in U.S. is putting pressure on prices

With the Chilean blueberry season now in full swing, recent weeks have seen price pressure in the U.S. market amid heavy volumes as well as some quality issues with fruit on arrival, according to exporters. “It has been a season within the range of what one would have expected, both in terms of the good things and the bad,” said Raul Dastres, president of Valle Maule. While widespread hailstorms in mid-November had some impacts on the country’s production, Dastres says that the volumes of…

The Chilean fruit season closes with a new record

Chile exported a total of 2,935 million kilos of fruit in the 2017/2018 fruit season, surpassing the last record of 2,840 million kilos achieved in the 2012/2013 season, reported Fedefruta based on a report released by IQonsulting. According to Gonzalo Salinas from IQonsulting, the 2017/2018 campaign presented particular variations, such as the historical exports of cherries, blueberries, nectarines, and plums. According to the executive of IQonsulting, even though exports were led by apples and table grapes…

Chilean Blueberries: Challenges posed by competitors

CHILEAN BLUEBERRIES It has been a very good season for Chilean blueberries. Despite production not growing as initially estimated because of unfavorable weather this year, Chile almost achieved the same volumes it had last season and exported more than 90,000 tons of fresh produce. “The main varieties that we export are our own, they were developed by our genetic programs with the aim of providing the best quality and taste to the world. Chile exports 70% of its production to the United States, approximately…
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