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Paraguay’s Chaco Region – Its changing landscape from raw scrubland to productive pastures

The Chaco Region of Paraguay The Gran Chaco, is located to the East of the Andes and to the West of the Paraguay River, is unevenly divided between Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil. It stretches for about 1,500km North to South and about 700km East to West, encircling the area of about 250 thousand square kilometres. To visualize its size, one can imagine the area of Ecuador (about 248 thousand square kilometres). Chaco was originally completely covered with native raw scrublands but now is…

Understanding Paraguay’s Chaco Soils

The Chaco region of Paraguay is becoming one of the most popular locations for investors looking to buy development properties but you need to understand the soils. Soils of the Chaco “Soils are formed principally from fluvial deposits based on transported material from the rivers … In addition to the predominantly flat topography, the scarcity of rain results in an arid zone that experiences frequent dust storms and extremely high temperatures. The soil evolved over deep sedimentary deposits that…

Deforestation in Chaco Paraguay

Deforestation in Chaco Paraguay Wildlife and the environment could be at risk as Mennonites and others  could turn Chaco forest into prairie-style farmlands. Is this true or just a scare tactic to keep others away? Hitler was said to have fled there, the Spanish conquistadors failed to penetrate it, and the only uncontacted tribe outside Amazonia lives within its borders. But now the vast Paraguayan wilderness of thorn trees, jaguars and snakes known as the Chaco is being transformed by a Christian fundamentalist…
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