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Osorno located in Chile 10th Region gets a 10 out of 10 for Investors

The Lake District of Southern Chile, Osorno, is the agricultural centre of the 10th region. Located at the confluence of the Rahue and Damas rivers in the sight of the active but minor Osorno Volcano, the pasture growth is excellent as the volcanic soils are naturally fertile and predominantly free-draining. The region has interestingly preserved much of the 19th century architecture and urban layout with its large park decorated with beautiful fountains, benches and stunning tree-lined avenues in the city’s…

Brazil supports its main world’s exporter meat industry

  The world’s largest beef producer, Brazil’s JBS announced its board agreed to boost its capital by as much as 3.48 billion Real (2.15 billion US dollars) through a private placement with Brazil’s state economic and social development bank.   BNDES, as the bank is known, will convert into stock the bonds that it bought from Sao Paulo-based JBS in December 2009 to help it finance takeovers of Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. and Bertin SA.   At the time, JBS said the bonds would…
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