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Sheep rearing is an opportunity that Argentina no longer takes advantage of

Buenos Aires Province has areas with excellent conditions that allow high levels of sheep production, but this does not happen, Why? In the late nineteenth century, the country was in what later became known as the “golden age” of Argentina sheep production. At that time, the province of Buenos Aires had a stock of 52 million sheep heads, a figure that exceeded seven times the stock of cattle at the time. Until 1930 the activity had its heyday, with excellent European demand for wool and meat. The…

In Argentina, the effect of a surprising Mid Term Election result plus its resulting chaos, devaluation and money restrictions caused farmland prices to drop overnight.

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The results of the Mid Term elections, which made the likely winner to lead Argentina in 2020 Alberto Fernández caused a collapse in farmers and investors confidence. Due to farmers perception of him being a patsy to the hated Christina Kirchner ( she appointed Fernandez ) who ruled Argentina for an earlier decade, they see another lost decade in front of them and a race to the bottom to join Venezuela’s cruel dictatorship. This is the results of the data from the Rural Real Estate Sector, organized…

Argentina limits farmland foreign ownership

Argentina has joined a handful of other big farming nations such as Brazil that have taken steps to limit foreign ownership of what their governments consider precious resources: farmland. Argentina is blessed with vast tracks of arable land that have allowed the South American nation to become the top global exporter of soy meal and soy oil, No. 2 in corn, and third in soybean exports. The abundance of land coupled with high prices for farm products has fueled a buying spree by the U.S., Chinese and Saudi…
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