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Investing in farmland in Uruguay: all the prices and benefits for each agricultural activity

They start at USD 1,800 per hectare. Experts assure that they have a profitability of 4% in dollars. All the steps to make the investment as a foreigner Among the investments that are earning interest, especially from those looking to Uruguay as a more stable country than Argentina to ‘plant’ capital, the fields for agricultural production became one of the stars . “The Uruguayan agricultural sector, historically, has been a sector protected by the government of the day. No tax withholdings…

Argentines’ interest in investing in farms and lots in Uruguay has doubled: The most sought after areas

Dollar strength and Argentine plans to bring in a wealth tax accelerate interest for farms and lots in the neighbouring country. Federico Nordheimer (broker) provides details and perspectives. The permanent turbulence exhibited by the Argentine exchange rate, as well as the restrictions imposed on the official dollar, the change in rules for agribusiness producers, and the impulse of a wealth tax, accentuated the interest of Argentine businessmen and investors in buying land on the other side of the Río de…

Uruguay passes an emergency law for the purchase of farms to facilitate easier processing for foreigner buyers

image of Free pasture cattle, Uruguay
Holders of entities that want to buy fields, in addition to natural persons, may also be legal identities ie Trusts, Funds etc The draft urgent consideration law includes changes in the acquisition of rural properties and agricultural holdings, since in addition to the entities that can currently acquire fields, those that have among their partner’s legal entities. Until now, entities that want to buy farms must be represented by “social quotas or nominative shares whose ownership is entirely accountable…
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