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Analysis: Latin America at the Crossroads

Today Latin America is at a crossroads, struggling between the end of a golden age and the beginning of a new order. This “great transformation” is the subject of a publication titled ‘Latin America at the Crossroads’, in which leading international scholars and experts scratch beneath the surface of such transformation to have a clearer glimpse of what the future holds for Latin America. Loris Zanatta’s introductory chapter guides the reader through a detailed overview of the…

Doing Business in Latin America’s growing economies?

These comments are part of a report done by a person involved in researching investment opportunities in Latin America. I can’t put the whole report up for confidentially reasons but needless to say it is very positive. “The Latin American market has undergone a paradigm shift and has decisively come out of its boom and bust cycles and political and economic instability, barring a few exceptions. It is now set on a more sustainable course of stability and growth. Latin America is a large…
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