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The Trees of Buenos Aires City

The most common trees – Census 2017-2018 The vast majority of the trees are on the streets are on the public roads (85%), and the rest are distributed between parks, squares and gardens (15%). There is a huge variety of species: there are 423 among them shrubs, conifers, palm trees and other botanical varieties. Comparison with the previous census In the seven years between the two censuses, 6,887 new specimens have been planted and another 27,137 were replaced that were at risk of falling or were dead.…

Buenos Aires: recycling, environmental education, LED lights, parks and bikes all make it more a sustainable city

The development of a sustainable and modern metropolises that promote growth without neglecting the environment is one of today’s most important challenges. With small and large-scale recycling, environmental education programs, energy savings, the sustained increase in woodland and parked hectares, and the boost to bicycle use, the Government of Buenos Aires is working to make Buenos Aires a city every day cleaner and greener. Learn to recycle more and efficiently Thanks to the recycling programs already…

Buenos Aires Silent Green Growth

As happens in the rest of South America, 80 % of Argentines choose to live in urban areas. Buenos Aires is the second most populous city on the continent. Even if it is usually associated with buildings, people, traffic, and noise, there is a critical element that is often ignored:  Their trees. As I  had travelled a. lot in Europe, I was amazed by discovering that medieval cities didn’t count on having trees within their walls …  It was then, while crossing their narrow streets, that I considered a…
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