Real Estate in Buenos Aires: Opportunity?

City of Buenos Aires Real Estate Market Opportunities
Both Argentina and the City of Buenos Aires, stand out for an endless number of singularities. These range from cultural diversity, a variety of landscapes and climates, through the quality of wine and meat, to artistic production. Another of the innumerable peculiarities that define Argentina and, more specifically, its administrative, cultural, and financial capital, is its unique real estate market. The real estate market in the City of Buenos Aires has a main distinctive feature: it’s not negotiated in…

Great Buenos Aires Spots for Retirees

Barrios para Jubilados en Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires San Telmo, Recoleta and Retiro are the three great Buenos Aires spots for retirees. These are areas of the city which are comparatively safe environments. All this, and enjoying the pleasant temperate climate of Buenos Aires, attracts many retirees from around the world: those who enjoy a very good climate and living in a city that offers a different activity for each day of the year. Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and is known as the “Paris of South America”. Argentina has…
Real Estate and Investment News from South America
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