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British Overseas Territories future after Brexit

Under the heading of ‘The tiny British island of Anguilla worries about Brexit for good reason’. The English newspaper “The Economist” addressed the issue of the impact of Brexit on its Overseas Territories, mainly in the Caribbean and particularly in Anguilla, an island whose connectivity is entirely dependent on neighbouring territories from France and the Netherlands. There is also a mention to other BOTs, such as the hotly disputed ownership of Malvinas / Falkland Islands, which…

Brexit has happened but will it rip apart the Global Economy ?

The end of Europe as we once knew it ? The English voter, in one of the most self-absorbed acts of mass myopia in the 21 th century, voted to leave the European Union (EU)  yesterday. It shocked most of the English Millennials and just about all of the outside world, but not because the world wasn’t paying attention but because most investors thought no one could be so narcissistic. How wrong they all were. Britain might be an island, but the fallout was never going to be contained singularly to its…
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