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Highly Successful New Zealand Dairy Farm in Brazil

According to a recent survey of Brazil’s top 100 dairy producers by independent research firm MilkPoint, 90% of respondents plan on expanding their operations in the next 3 years. That’s because unlike many other Brazilian agriculture sectors like crops, livestock and poultry, dairy focuses on the domestic market, with approximately 98% of production staying at home. “Consumption is 100% dependent on the economy and that has been rising the last 10 years, although it came down during the economic crisis,”…

Brazil Farmland is now available for Foreign Ownership again

Common Sense Returns to Brazil Farmland Brazil’s government plans to lift current limits on foreign ownership of Brazil Farmland, Secretary of Investment Moreira Franco, the person behind privatization for the new administration, told Reuters on Wednesday. Franco called the restriction on sales of Brazil Farmland to foreign individuals and companies “nonsense” and said interim President Michel Temer will reconsider the issue. The restriction was adopted in 2010 by former President Luiz Inacio…
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