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Doing business in Paraguay is due to get easier, with the government seeking to significantly reduce the time it takes to gain residency and promote its low tax regime in order to encourage greater foreign investment. According to Paraguay’s Finance Minister Benigno López, the almost two years it currently takes to gain permanent residency, “will be a lot less,” while the necessary investment will be established at a low enough rate to encourage investment that generates jobs. Those conditions would…

5 Great Reasons to Do Business in Argentina

As Argentina re-enters the global market, investor interest has surged by people wanting to do business there. The emerging economy has taken great leaps towards reducing their well-known economic problems. There have been numerous government initiatives aimed at improving the economic state of the country and encouraging foreign participation. Some of these government-led initiatives include, but are not limited too: The lifting of foreign-exchange controls. Creation of the Argentinian Simplified Shares Company (S.A.S…
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