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Meat producers in Argentina turn livestock waste into energy

Meat-processing firm ArreBeef is using biodigestion to deal with animal waste, striving to reduce the sector’s emissions and create electricity for the national grid. This project is based on the principles of the circular economy where nothing is lost and everything is transformed. We are taking the word ‘waste’ out of the dictionary here,” Mauricio Accietto tells us, under the relentless summer sun. Accietto is a plant manager for ArreBeef Energía, a division of the ArreBeef meat-processing firm,…

All you need to know about sugar cane in Brazil

1. How much sugar cane is produced in Brazil and around the world? Brazil produced 620 million tons of sugar cane in 2010. World production is close to 1.6 billion tons annually and is concentrated in tropical regions, particularly developing nations in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. According to the U.N. Food and Agricultural Organization, there are over 100 countries producing sugar cane today. In Brazil, sugar cane currently covers 9.5 million hectares, or 2.9% of the country’s total arable land.…
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