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Buenos Aires’ most desirable neighbourhood. The chic and fashionable Palermo Soho.

Palermo is Buenos Aires’ most fashionable and exciting area. Often referred to as “alternative”, the Soho area is likened to the trendy Soho areas of both London and New York. The term ‘Soho’ seems to globally denominate the zones that bring together artists, fashion and the most stylish restaurants. The bohemian feel in Palermo has made it especially popular with the young upper-middle-class Argentines as well as foreigners. Palermo started to become fashionable in the 1980s when its combination…

Real Estate in Buenos Aires: Opportunity?

City of Buenos Aires Real Estate Market Opportunities
Both Argentina and the City of Buenos Aires, stand out for an endless number of singularities. These range from cultural diversity, a variety of landscapes and climates, through the quality of wine and meat, to artistic production. Another of the innumerable peculiarities that define Argentina and, more specifically, its administrative, cultural, and financial capital, is its unique real estate market. The real estate market in the City of Buenos Aires has a main distinctive feature: it’s not negotiated in…

Buenos Aires Property Price Review 2016

Buenos Aires Residential Sales Reviewed “Zona Prop”, the official index for specialising in website property search on the selling price and property dollars in Buenos Aires, issued a report called Buenos Aires Property Price Review 2016 that spotlighted the most sought after neighbourhoods and which of them offered the most affordable housing in Buenos Aires; identifying the differences in services and quality. As in other areas of the economy, Buenos Aires is a city that offers a wide range of opportunities…
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