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Argentine Beef providing healthy food for the World

Argentina is a huge world-class producer, consumer and exporter of bovine meats. Each year, Argentina produces 2.5 million tonnes plus of meat. The calculated beef consumption in Argentina is 65.4 kg per person, which is higher than in other countries. For example, the United States is 42 kgs, and the EEC is only 18 kgs. Even at 65.4 kgs, this is a sharp decline from the 1950s when it was over 91.9 kgs per person. The main strength of the Argentine beef industry has always been the quality of the meat. Beef…

Argentina rapidly returning as one of the worlds leading beef exporters

Argentina, which a century ago became a world power on the back of its beef exports, is poised to re-enter the top 10 shippers, helped by the end of trade curbs, and a herd rebuilding from near-50-year lows. ”In the 1930s, Argentina was the world’s top beef exporter. It lost that crown in the 1950s, but until 10 years ago it still ranked third. Today it has fallen to 13th, largely as a result of the previous government meddling in the industry. In 2006, Argentina tripled export tariffs on beef to 15 percent,…
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