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Foreign Farm Investors in Brazil sow seeds of openness

On the high plains around the town of Luiz Eduardo Magalhães in central Brazil, it is easy to feel dwarfed by the landscape. Fields of soya, maize and cotton stretch to the horizon under immense blue skies, only the occasional tree, silo or patch of scrubby cerrado woodland giving any sense of scale. Twin-wagoned lorries are laden with soya thunder along the highways. Away from the main roads, human beings are a rarity, glimpsed only in the cabins of combine harvesters or, in the late afternoon as the air…

Irrigated Farming in Bahia Brazil leading the way to Sustainable Farming

The outstanding performance of the Western Bahaian fields in the current crop year now coming to a close, registered with precision and accuracy in the edition of the Western Bahian Yearbook – 2009/10 Crop, was the final  touch to a period of impressive achievements. The first of which was the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Association of Bahian Farmers and Irrigators (Aiba). There is a lot to cheer about. It is not just a matter of feeling proud of the survival of an association, among so…
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