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A warning for South American Wine exporters – Counterfieting is rife in your main markets

South America is producing some of the best wines export in the world . In 2014 an Argentine Malbec won the prize for being the best red wine in the world. Counterfieting is of deep concern to many South American exporters, including winemakers. Asia is a major transgressor in this regard. The statistics of counterfeiting make alarming reading. The most recent OECD estimate dates from 2007, when it says cross-border counterfeiting totalled around US$250 billion annually and almost two percent of global trade…

UK passion for Argentine wines: First quarter 2012 imports rocket 15% in volume

UK passion for Argentine wines MercoPress Argentine wine exports to the UK have rocketed by 25% in value and 12% in volume in the first three months of the year. This put the UK back ahead of Brazil as Argentina’s third largest market worldwide, and the US and Canada, and represents the largest gains for over four years. “It’s the volume figure that is the most encouraging” said Andrew Maidment, European director of Wines of Argentina. “Given that there is obviously a delay between…
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