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Argentina: A seemingly unending line of trucks in the ports due to a record harvest

It is proving to be a record harvest which should be around the 140 million tons of grains, a rise of 24% compared to the past agricultural cycle affected by a drought, and thus a barrage of trucks to the ports of the Rosario, which is the largest agro-industrial port and exporter of grains and by-products has begun. According to official estimates, these exports should contribute more than USD 25 billion to the economy. In addition, it is estimated that this increase in production will represent a positive…

Global Warming is boosting Argentina’s Soya Harvest to record levels

        In all the major agricultural regions of the country, farmers have struggled for years against the populist government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner whose insane economic policies have brought the country nearly to its knees. Now, this record soyaharvest is giving a boost to their nemesis, increasing international reserves that are vital to help the government prevent another currency crisis. On Wednesday, the central bank said the harvest would help maintain the current level…

China’s purchase of Nidera makes it a large player in grain exports from Argentina

China’s purchase of Nidera makes it a large player in grain exports from Argentina   China’s move to buy a controlling stake in Netherlands-based agricultural trading company Nidera has divided the waters among farmers in Argentina, one of the world’s leading soy exporters, with larger producers celebrating the purchase and smaller ones raising concerns about potential market concentration. State-run China Grains and Oils Group Corporation (COFCO) announced on February 28 that it had…
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