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As a consequence of a historic Argentine drought, it could lose its position as the world’s leading soy meal exporter

On Tuesday, the Rosario stock exchange (BCR) said that Argentina is set to lose its status as the world’s top exporter of processed soy meal due to the toll of a historic drought on the country’s main cash crop. In a report, the Rosario stock exchange (BCR) predicted that Argentina’s soy meal shipments will likely be overtaken by neighbour Brazil for the first time in a quarter century during the current harvest. The 2022/2023 national soy meal output is expected to plummet 36% from the previous…

Argentina emerges as the third world largest soybean importer

According to the Statistics and Census National Institute (INDEC), during the calendar year, 2018 Argentina imported 6.44 million metric tons of soybean, versus 1.84 MMT in 2017. But considering the commercial year (April to March) this volume could be much higher, because the soybean crushing industry tends to accelerate its imports as it moves away from the harvest peak (April/May 2018). Despite being the third largest world soybean producer, these imports place Argentina as the third largest soybean importer,…

USA soybean farmers count the cost of the trade war with China

Between September and December, soybean volumes shipped through Cargill’s river terminals in Louisiana are down 40 percent year on year. After US President Donald Trump imposed new tariffs on Chinese goods, Beijing punched back with duties on US exports including most of its $20bn in agricultural commodity sales. Soybean exports, worth $12bn in 2017, were hit hardest. The oilseed’s conquest of farm fields in the past 20 years has largely been down to US farmers gambling on China’s demand for…
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