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Is it time to buy farmland in Argentina?

“It is the moment”, real-estate consulting Miguel Figueroa says. He opines that farmland value is 30% below the 2011 value reference, and it could be a great opportunity buying farmland now, not only due to the price but financial conditions. Argentina is facing the presidential poll and the uncertainty is high due to neither president Mauricio Macri neither his largest challenger Alberto Fernandez have the triumph in his hands. Most of the polls show a “technical” tie in a second round. This uncertainty…

La Moraleja: Industrial Lemon Production in Salta, Argentina

La Moraleja is the world largest irrigated drip feed Lemon Production farm showing the most striking power of man over nature to generate food and jobs and generate good profits at the same time. Where there was Salteño Forest previously today there are 3000 hectares of lemons watered by drip feed, with a processing factory that by industrialization exports 90% its products: lemon oil, concentrated juices and dehydrated peel. In addition they have 40 hectares of greenhouses producing tomatoes, peppers and…
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