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European immigration: The owners of Argentinian Ranches

image of Estancia Villa María
European immigration: The owners of the Argentinian campo / Ranches Argentina has been populated almost entirely by European immigrants. Since colonisation, the South American country has received individuals and families from the Old World. During the last 500 years, Argentina has been a destination for merchants, businessmen, travellers, refugees, and government officials, mainly from Spain, Italy, France, Poland, and Germany. Europeans and the Argentinian campo While many Europeans arrived and settled directly…

Using ingenious advertisements and 6,500 new traffic signals: the day that changed the driving direction in Argentina

It was on June 10, 1945, in the face of the need to unify the transit system with Brazil by the imminent opening of the bridge between Pasos de Los Libre and Uruguaiana. A radical change that ended with the custom of driving of “the English way.” “Drive on your right and take Geniol.” “The only hand that doesn’t change is the One with Alba paintings.” “Today, I changed hands but keep taking Cinzano.” The marketing of the 1940s did not miss a historic moment…

Argentina profile – Timeline

A chronology of key events: 16th century – Spanish colonisation of the River Plate coast and inland areas begins. 1774 – Spain settled the Malvinas Islands. 1776 – Spain establishes separate Viceroyalty of the River Plate. 1806 – First English Invasion of Buenos Aires. British force of 1,500 men under Colonel William Carr Beresford occupied the city, for about six weeks until surrendering in mid-August. 1807 ( July) – Second English invasion of Buenos Aires. The British…
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