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Argentine winter crops bring fresh dollars to a weak economy

In January, oilseed industry and grain exporters entered USD 1,756 million into the Argentine economy, versus USD 1,040 million in December 2018. Some analysts celebrate this fact saying that thanks to better harvests of wheat and barley, export companies are enhancing the income of dollars into the Argentine economy. According to the press release of the Oilseed Industry Chamber (CIARA), this increase of export dollars is related to the purchase of these two winter crops by the exporters. In fact, 8,4 MMT…

Farms in Argentina continue to underpin the countries economic recovery with an expected USD 3 billion of sales before March 2019

This is the calculation for the remainder of the soybean and corn harvest, as well as the exports of the new seasons wheat. Despite some flooding, it shows the hope of a super harvest is now likely to be realised. The wheat harvest already over two million tonnes. Despite flooding from over 380 mm of rain in some regions from a storm last weekend, which will damage yields in some areas. It is a shared bet by the government and analysts estimate that the recovery of the overall economy will now be in the first…
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