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Buying real estate in Argentina which is in another crisis

The pandemic has further deepened Argentina’s already serious economic woes. A bad situation has become even worse. But is it a good country to invest in? It is likely the current government will lead Argentina into a serious default just as the same administration has done in the past. Printing pesos to pay off USD debt just causes inflation. Argentina today is not-so-quietly heading towards the famous fiscal cliff and a very hard landing. ‘Argentina looks absolutely miserable’. However, if you want…

What Latin America’s Latest Defaults Mean for Investors

Argentina and Ecuador successfully renegotiated their bonded external debt close to the expiration deadline of their respective offers. In many senses, these stories are very much intertwined. In both cases, a parallel can be drawn between the causes and consequences of this serial defaulter pattern, and now also with the proposed remedies. Fiscal dominance Haunted by chronic high inflation, Ecuador sought inspiration in the successful Argentine convertibility regime at the turn of the 1990s. However, Ecuador…
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