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Things are looking up for President Macri chances of reelection in Argentina

The Kirchnerite ‘project,’ insofar as one exists, is almost entirely negative. Macri’s may be unappealing, but at least it is positive. It is still far too early for them to start uncorking the champagne bottles and inflating hundreds of yellow balloons, but Mauricio Macri and his teammates clearly think their chances of winning the fast approaching general elections are growing by the minute. Thanks largely to US president Donald Trump and the outgoing managing director of the International Monetary…

Buenos Aires illegal markets boom as Argentina’s economy stagnates

While Buenos Aires sleeps, La Salada roars to life. By 3am, shoppers are chaotically barging their way through the narrow passageways of Latin America’s largest informal market, hauling sacks bulging with anything from fake branded clothing to pirate DVDs. “Look at this, just 135 pesos!” exclaims a satisfied Rodrigo Vega as he brandishes a pair of jeans, explaining that the price, about $15 at the overvalued official exchange rate, is at least a fifth of what they might cost in a more upmarket Argentine…
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