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Interview with Nicolás Dujovne, Argentina’s Treasury Minister

What was the strategy behind the fiscal reform? Minister Dujovne: When we came to power we inherited a large fiscal deficit, a high level of public spending and a heavy tax burden. All three have to be cut but the only way it can be done is gradually because if we cut taxes very quickly then the deficit will increase. It’s only by cutting public spending can we have room to also bring down both taxes and the fiscal deficit. So, we have committed to cutting consolidated public spending, which includes…

Investing in the business friendly Argentina of 2017

image of Argentina Attracts Green Capital
Argentina is a country with one of the largest and richest economies in Latin America: Argentina has a very well developed national infrastructure: It is the third largest economy in the region with a GDP of US $ 586 billion (after Brazil and Mexico). It has the second highest GDP per capita in terms of PPP (US $ 22,600, after Chile). It is the fourth sized country in the region (43 million people). Because Argentina is shifting towards an outwardly looking country, since the inauguration of President…

Feature Analysis: Will a new team turn Argentina’s economy around in time ?

Since taking over as Argentina’s president a year ago, Mauricio Macri has implemented free-market measures in an effort to spur the economy and attract foreign investment. However, the country’s economy contracted for the fourth consecutive time in last year’s third quarter, and Macri in December dismissed his finance minister, Alfonso Prat-Gay, and split his ministry of treasury and finance into two cabinet departments. What kinds of economic policies can be expected of new Treasury Minister…

Signs of positive change in Argentina

image of Arquitectura Francesa en Buenos Aires
Signs of positive change in Argentina Here in Argentina we are living in a pre-election situation with both of the two likely Presidential candidates promising a more business approach to running the country than we have had in the past lost decade. With commodity prices now well down, inflation high ( 25% or more ) and foreign exchange controls making business very difficult they will have their challenges. However, despite what the official numbers say about the economy, it is very noticeable here in Buenos…
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