Business optimism in Argentina is the highest in 22 years

86% of Argentine Businesspeople believe that the economy will continue to improve A new poll shows 65% of businessmen felt that the economy will be “moderately to significantly better” in the latter part of the 2017 year, while 21% thought it will be “considerably better”; half of those surveyed say they will increase employment in their own companies. This is good news in an economy that has been struggling to make the necessary cultural and economic changes from years of regressive…

Argentina’s Real Estate Market: Recovery Started

image of Gruás en construcción mercado inmobiliario en argentina
Good news in Argentina’s real estate: the confirmation of investment in large projects, some already initiated. These include the construction of shopping centres, office buildings and homes. The real estate market was the first that collapsed with the crisis; today it is the first to react, which augurs well for the sector and the economy in general. The implementation of the changes in economic policy by the new government of Argentina, predictably, these days begins to complete the revival of the real…
Real Estate and Investment News from South America
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