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The new Patagonian train service will go from the Andes to the Atlantic Coast

The new Patagonian train will join from this afternoon the Cordillera de los Andes with the Atlantic Ocean. The new train, which will reinforce the trips of this historic service, has 106 reclining seats, air conditioning and lunch on board. “The service is aimed at people who want to spend a weekend in Las Grutas, with timetables that will allow you to enjoy the beach,” reported the local daily Rio Negro. As indicated by the provincial government, the acquisition was possible by an investment of…

New business opportunities in Argentina: Opening the economy to foreign investment

image of iBuenos Aires is a Slice of Food Heaven
Argentina is experiencing many political and economic changes by opening its economy to foreign investment. Let’s look closely at how Argentina’s economy is making changes for the better and what will be the next opportunities for foreign investors. Argentina will be the first South American country to host the WTO biennial Summit (World Trade Organization) in December 2017, before hosting the G20 summit in 2018. This is not a surprise, as Argentina has made an irreversible turn towards globalization.…

Argentina Modernises its Rail System

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The Argentinean railroad system, after decades of abandonment, is back on course. Argentina purchased 1,200 wagons from China’s CMEC Company, which are destined for “Belgrano Cargas.” The total amount of the investment, financed with a loan, is USD 2,470 million. For its part, the investment in rolling stock is USD 807 million. Together with the acquisition of wagons and locomotives, a rehabilitation plan of 1,600 kilometers of railways has been carried out on the Belgrano line, which runs through…
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