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Argentine’s farmland in USD terms collapses: experts reveal which locations to now invest in

As in other sectors, the pandemic has been making itself felt in the worst possible way and that is in rural real estate activity. So, what are the areas to invest in? The paralysis evidenced by the lack of sale of properties in the urban areas, rural real estate activity also transits one of its worst moments with operations close to zero in the past two months. These same indicators are the one that opens up opportunities for investors with cash, with the prices in key areas of agricultural production areas…

In Argentina, the effect of a surprising Mid Term Election result plus its resulting chaos, devaluation and money restrictions caused farmland prices to drop overnight.

comprar Campos Argentinos
The results of the Mid Term elections, which made the likely winner to lead Argentina in 2020 Alberto Fernández caused a collapse in farmers and investors confidence. Due to farmers perception of him being a patsy to the hated Christina Kirchner ( she appointed Fernandez ) who ruled Argentina for an earlier decade, they see another lost decade in front of them and a race to the bottom to join Venezuela’s cruel dictatorship. This is the results of the data from the Rural Real Estate Sector, organized…

Argentine Crisis: the Real Estate Sector approaches 2001 levels

In July there was an improvement compared to June, but those numbers of real estate sales in the city of Buenos Aires does not reflect the 14 months of consecutive year-on-year decline, a historical cycle similar to what happened after the 2001 crisis, although still far from the exchange rate crisis, during the presidency of Cristina Kirchner, which caused 25 months of falling prices. Last July there were 3208 operations, according to the Colegio de Escribanos porteño, 18.7% more than in June, but a 27.6%…
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