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Economic Misery in Argentina as reforms are slow to take effect

Since taking office more than three years ago, President Mauricio Macri has broken with the budget-busting populism that has dominated Argentina for much of the past century causing crisis after crisis, embracing the grim arithmetic of economic orthodoxy. President Macri has turned away from left-wing populism. He vowed to shrink Argentina’s monumental deficits by diminishing the largess of the state. The trouble is that Argentines have yet to collect on the other element the president promised: the…

The Trouble with Argentina’s Economy

With sustained economic growth, Argentina would be able to avoid another debt crisis. Although there are no silver bullets to put the economy on a more stable path, changing current macroeconomic policies would at least give the country a chance. In 2018, Argentina experienced a currency crisis and stagflation. Annual inflation reached 47.6%, GDP fell by 2.5%, and unemployment and poverty increased. These indicators reflect chronic problems. Argentina’s economy has shrunk in four out of the past seven years.…
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