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Argentina’s beloved beef becomes bone of contention as prices soar

Argentina, recognised worldwide as a top flight grass-fed beef producer, is the world’s number four beef exporter. It made US$3.4 billion in 2020 beef sales, with much going to Russia and China. The grill master salts the cut of beef that will go into the fire, from where it heads to the table where a hungry family is gathered. It is an age-old ritual for Argentines to get together over a jaw-dropping asado, but one that has grown increasingly out of the reach of many of them. “Aside from being…

Argentina: is heading to a historical record of beef exports in 2020

Argentine beef exports could close 2020 with a historical record close to one million tons. Last year 844,900 tonnes of bone-in beef were sold, which was a record after 50 years. This was estimated by the livestock consultant Víctor Tonelli after analyzing the performance of exports in the first seven months of the year and projecting the end of 2020. Argentina is the fifth largest exporter in the world after Brazil, the United States, India and Australia. With a million tons it would maintain the same place…
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