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French Architecture in Buenos Aires

City of Buenos Aires Real Estate Market Opportunities
French architecture in Buenos Aires was developed under the auspices of the government of the nation. In the first years after independence from Spain, the new country needed professionals and naturally would not bring them from the country from which it had recently gained independence. This is how, during the first half of the nineteenth century – a turbulent and dangerous time in Europe – many renowned architects and French engineers, who were very eager to be hired to work away from the…

The no 1 App for Architectual Lovers when visiting Buenos Aires

Some people like to get to know cities through their museums. Others prefer to get lost in the streets and just see where that takes them. This app falls in the middle of the two, offering a comprehensive guide of Buenos Aires through one of its most appealing qualities: architecture. Arqi is, essentially, an interactive map of 100 buildings (and counting) filled with history and beauty. Arqi offers detailed information tips for each landmark, including the architect behind it, dates, and curiosities.…

My favourite videos of Buenos Aires recently upgraded suburb “The Retiro”

image of Arquitectura Francesa en Buenos Aires
The name Retiro means ‘the Retreat’, the name of a country house owned by a Spanish governor in the late 17th century. Today, Retiro is, for most people, synonymous with two newly renovated train stations and the principal bus station in Buenos Aires. Mitre is a British-built station (look out for plaques of the British material suppliers) dating back to 1915 and was inspired by London’s Crystal Palace. Between the crowds, you can glimpse its rebuilt glory. Every morning thousands of commuters…

The Buenos Aires suburb of Retiro prepares for change

While the city awaits the pending tendering of eight parcels of prime land, the ongoing progress of the Bajo Underpass and the recent restoration of the Historic Retiro train station marks the beginning of a change in the characteristics of this historic neighborhood with its increasing gentrification. The neighborhood of Retiro has and is changing its characteristics: The Paseo del Bajo will allow it to gain about six new blocks in an area in which there was no land available to build in the heart of…
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