Latin America’s Digital Revolution

Covid-19 battered Latin America. It killed more people and caused deeper recessions than in any other region. But the massive disruption forced people to solve centuries-old regional challenges, accelerating a nascent digital revolution that will eventually save more lives and drive more economic growth than was lost in the pandemic. The region’s tech boom will also create a lot of wealth for investors. Latin America only saw its first unicorn – the name given to private tech start-ups worth more than $1billion…

Discover AgTech’s potential in Argentina

image of South American crops
Buenos Aires, Rosario, Córdoba AgTech week is a public-private initiative Agro Tech conference to explore and share Argentina’s AgTech potential. The event will focus on creating new business opportunities, showcasing the work of the entrepreneurial world and examining the impact that innovation and new technologies have on productivity. AgTech week also seeks to meet demands with solutions, tackling challenges in the field. There will be forums, panels, networking meetings and the 1st National AgTech Conference…
Real Estate and Investment News from South America
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